An exceptional coffee experience

Espresso Amore is a leader in providing exceptional coffee experiences for your special event. We provide clients with ready to operate espresso bars, high quality coffee beans and talented baristas and latte artists.

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About our founder, Robert Rueter
Robert has been working in specialty coffee since the late 1990’s and excels at creating unique and unforgettable coffee experiences for Espresso Amore clients. By focusing on high quality ingredients and emerging technologies, Robert is a proven leader in the artisanal coffee industry.
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Enjoy the benefits of our high quality.
Simply by choosing Espresso Amore for their conference needs, our clients have reported deeper engagements with their prospects resulting in increased sales year over year.

If getting more face time with prospects and getting seen by a higher percentage of event attendees is your goal, call us today.
What our customers have to say:

"Thank you for the big splash and traffic driven to our first booth at the InterBike Show!"
— nate bosshard,
Brand Manager, North Face for Vanity Fair

"Everyone loves your coffee. See you next year!"
— michael madnick,
Executive Director of Creative Services, Twentieth Century Fox

"I can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience"
— kada m. sigl
Logistics Conference Manager, IBM Global Events

Only the best baristas and equipment.
Espresso Amore utilizes only the highest trained baristas and uses only industry leading equipment. Our baristas meet or exceed the Barista Guild certification standards of excellence. So every espresso, macchiato and cappuccino we create is a work of art.

Find our how Espresso Amore can make your brand shine by offering only the finest.
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