About Robert Rueter of Espresso Amore
December 16, 2015

Robert Rueter is the President of Espresso Enterprise INC., which current holdings include: Espresso Amore, a luxury espresso catering company, and Espresso Bar, a mid-line espresso catering company. Robert works with clients to coffee operations, including equipment design, functionality of spaces, and curriculum development and instruction. Working with resorts, unions, and wholesale distribution provides Mr. Rueter a unique insight into the specialty coffee market, allowing him to introduce and implement.

In the 1990’s Robert began his career in specialty coffee and noticed the unique interactions between the customers and the baristas. He saw the opportunity that presented itself because coffee provided people with a real way to improve their day. Robert’s personal experience has served as the example of what he intends to bring into the world of specialty coffee. By forging ties with the community and creating efficient and effective coffee systems for many styles of business, Mr. Rueter is in a position to expand into whatever direction the new and ever changing industry of artisanal coffee heads. He is always looking for more challenges to grow and change with the specialty coffee industry, while remaining grounded in presenting coffee systems founded on utility and customer satisfaction.

As an operational consultant, Robert has saved businesses time and money by developing systems that streamline the coffee making process without sacrificing quality. He designed what is considered the most efficient mobile coffee preparation cart in the world. This is determined by the number of hand crafted, made to order beverages, per square foot per hour. Consequently, he can save business money by conducting audits of their coffee procedures that resulted in savings. Mr. Rueter is adept at implementing strategies for every distinct business demand and turns new products into mature revenue generating machines.

Espresso Enterprise INC. is prepared to add value to any organization with the equipment connections, staffing connections, and educational connections to exercise exactly what is needed. Robert takes a process oriented and logistical approach to repairing or redirecting coffee enterprises with an artistic flair, by quantifying, testing, and data logging coffee systems to determine their efficiency and ideal industry. Mr. Rueter is eager to assist big or small businesses with budget impacts and motivators to explore goals, quantify those goals, and implement plans to deliver mass quantities for conferences, trade shows, and meetings, or small cafes.

Mr. Rueter’s certifications include:

– The Barista Guild of America (highest level of certification)
– Specialty Coffee Association of Europe – barista certification equivalency
– Golden Cup Technician certificate
– Specialty Coffee Association Curriculum – certified Domestic and International Specialized Instructor and Examiner
– Specialty Coffee Association – Standards Board Subcommittee of Peer Review and Technical Edits

Robert has proudly served the nonprofit community in Las Vegas for many years. He is involved in the Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Chair of the HRC Federal Club Committee, and The Kish Foundation. HIs other charitable activities include contributions to Keep Memory Alive, Spread the Word Nevada, the Public Education Foundation, St. Baldrick’s, Children’s Cancer Center of Southern Nevada, The Center, and Picnic by Design.


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