Espresso Amore announces expansion of artisanal coffee convention services
December 19, 2015

Organizing and coordinating a convention is already stressful enough, when you throw worries about convention services into the mix it can just make it even more intimidating. Espresso Amore’s convention services are here to bring your event from good to great.
Providing your customers, clients, and special guests with Espresso Amore’s artisanal coffee services creates a memorable experience that will keep them coming back. Our turn-key mobile espresso booths produce hand crafted espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte and chai. Our four-hour service packages include organic dairy products, soy milk and flavors all presented in bio-degradeable service items.

Why choose Espresso Amore?

Results don’t lie. Customers who use our mobile expresso booth convention services show higher rates of customer interaction as well as higher customer retention. Guests are highly likely to linger around and engage more deeply with your booth, then once they do leave your brand (or your sponsors brand) is carried throughout the convention by means of the customized beverage cup.

Another one of Espresso Amore’s convention services is the creation of exclusive VIP lounge areas. These drive attendees to specific areas of a show floor that may not typically receive as much traffic. Within these areas you may customize the booth and products including beverage sleeves, furniture, lounge signage, sales representation, product displays, charging stations, premium entertainment and live presentations. By customizing your convention services, clients and guests are exposed to the brands and messaging you desire.

Not only will your sponsored cafĂ© area benefit you but it will benefit the entire conference as well by controlling the flow and congregation of people. Sponsors benefit by accessing a captive audience and delivering messages to their targeted groups while generating untapped revenue. Attendees also report better enjoyment of events, given a venue to meet and mingle. They’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ‘unexpected upgrade’ in service.

As for doing business in Las Vegas, Espresso Amore is an approved vendor at most properties, operates under full compliance of property regulations and offers streamlined booking and integrated logistics.

So, when you are planning your next conference appearance, convention space or special event, call Espresso Amore to provide an unforgettable experience at (702) 589-6165.


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