Las Vegas Espresso Machine Rental

Espresso catering and espresso machine rentals are a proven way to distinguish your presentation

. Espresso Amore rigorously tests the top tier products available. We evaluate each ingredient that composes your beverage: milk, water, flavors, and most importantly, coffee beans.

  • Your clients are sure to share their experience with their colleagues when they taste the difference of Espresso Amore. Our roasting partners prepare a small batch roast, which is then aged to ensure that they are served at their peak of freshness at your event. In blind taste tests by a Q Grader, each bean that comprises our blend scores 91-97 out of 100.
  • The cultivators of our coffee share in our success, receiving a significantly higher compensation than market rate, thereby increasing their quality of life while projecting on your client a positive impression of your corporate values.
  • We use only organic milk and natural flavors containing no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, demonstrating to your clients’ your awareness for the environment, as well as for their personal health.

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