Espresso Machine Rentals and Coffee Catering

How do I order Espresso Amore coffee catering in Las Vegas?

Please contact us to answer any questions regarding your event. The process varies based on the location of your event. Espresso station rental at Las Vegas resorts and convention facilities: We have established relationships with the majority of facilities in the Las Vegas area. Contact an Espresso Amore catering representative with your event location to confirm the booking process. Espresso station rental at private properties: When booking at a private property, please contact an Espresso Amore catering representative.

What is included with our coffee catering services?

We provide espresso station rentals with all of the necessary equipment, product, and staff. The only things not provided are items required to be purchased through convention services. This is usually limited to a service table (6’ x 18”) and electrical hook-up.

Do you cater brewed coffee or tea?

When catering espresso beverages at a resort in Las Vegas, coffee and tea orders are commonly required to be placed through the on-site convention catering department. Please contact your Espresso Amore catering representative or your resort catering manager with specific requests. At private locations, a variety of coffees and teas are available.

What is the cost for espresso catering with Espresso Amore in Las Vegas?

Please contact us for location specific pricing. Each of our resort and convention partners has unique requirements that affect the final price.

Will my guests have to pay for their espresso beverages?

Espresso Amore focuses exclusively on espresso and coffee catering, therefore the host of the event is responsible for the cost of the beverages.

How many beverages can one espresso rental station provide per hour?

Each espresso station can serve up to 150 hot handcrafted (made-to-order) beverages per hour. Multiple stations are available. Iced beverages can be served in any desired quantity.

How do I determine how many espresso beverages are required for my event?

Espresso Amore has extensive experience in a wide variety of coffee catering events. Your Espresso Amore catering representative will assist you in determining an appropriate order.

What happens if we exceed the beverage quantity from our espresso catering order?

Due to the fact that your coffee is specifically roasted for your event, availability may be limited. We guarantee an additional 10% of your original order to be available for on-site purchase. On-site orders may be subject to a service fee.

Can I rent just the espresso machine?

To answer briefly, no. Espresso Amore uses only the most advanced espresso equipment available. This requires a great degree of specialized training to operate safely and to produce a high quality product. As well, we keep detailed maintenance logs of our equipment to ensure reliability. Our Baristas are the exclusive operators of our equipment.

How much space does the espresso station need?

Our espresso equipment works in a number of configurations, the smallest being approximately 5’ x 6’.

What are your espresso machine power requirements?

The majority of our espresso rental machines require a single phase 30 amp, 208 volt circuit and a dedicated 20 amp, 120 volt.

How far in advance do I need to book my coffee catering in Las Vegas?

To ensure availability, we recommend booking your espresso station rental as far in advance as possible. Orders placed within 10 business days may be subject to a service fee.

When do you start set-up of the espresso station?

Espresso Amore will work with your set-up crew to schedule the most convenient time to deliver your rented coffee equipment. We require a minimum of one hour of set-up time.

Can you set up our espresso station the day before?

As a matter of a fact, we encourage it. There is no additional fee for set-up the day before. We require your rented espresso station to be in a secured environment.

How long does it take to load out the espresso station?

Espresso Amore can vacate the station space in as little as 15 minutes.

Is there a down payment required on espresso or coffee catering?

When booking through the resorts, their policies vary. Please contact your convention catering manager for details. When booking directly with Espresso Amore, there is a 50% deposit required with the balance due upon arrival.

Can I extend the espresso service beyond the original hours and dates?

Yes, subject to availability. Service fees may apply if your espresso catering contract is extended within 10 business days of commencement of your event.

What happens if we don’t consume our entire coffee catering order?

Due to the fact that our perishable products and your Baristas are sourced prior to your event, we are unable to discount the original invoice.

What happens if I need to cancel my espresso station rental?

In the case of cancellation, please let us know as soon as possible, as the fees increase as the event date approaches.

What flavors are included with your coffee catering services?

Espresso Amore provides vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate with each espresso station rental. If you have additional flavor requests we will accommodate as best as we can with no additional charge.

Do you carry dairy alternatives?

We always have soy milk on hand and are happy to provide hazelnut milk upon request.

Do you cater coffee and espresso outside of the Las Vegas area?

Remote catering events are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

May I request a specific Barista for my espresso station?

We carefully match our staff to your event. Please let Espresso Amore know if you have diversity, gender, or appearance preferences. We will do our best to accommodate those requests.

Should we tip our Baristas?

Tip jars are not provided at our espresso stations. Most resorts add a gratuity to your final invoice; unfortunately our Baristas do not receive a portion of this, as they are not hotel staff. While we do not encourage gratuities, they will not be declined.