Las Vegas Espresso Machine Rental - Catering

Espresso catering and espresso machine rentals at Las Vegas conventions, events, and conferences are a distinctive platform to broadcast your brand message.

When partnering with Espresso Amore, you get full access to our team of experts, ranging from integration of rental espresso machines with your trade show exhibit to nationally certified Baristas who create an engaging environment for you and your Clients.

Espresso Amore is the global front runner in hand crafted beverage production, when measured per square foot. We use the least amount of space industry-wide while serving up to 150 made-to-order beverages per hour.

  • Espresso Amore provides your clients with an unexpected luxury. When treating your exclusive partners, or attracting new clients, our catering services allow you to distinguish your event from the rest.
  • Espresso Amore has the flexibility to adjust the coffee catering service volume upon your request.
  • Your unique challenges and opportunities will be supported by our expert staff through each step of the planning and implementation process, ensuring our catering services are tailored to your specific needs.

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