Espresso Catering for Las Vegas Sponsorships

Espresso Amore’s coffee catering program is a sure way to drive brand recognition for your clients. Additional sponsorship opportunities for your trade shows are a great way to increase revenue at no cost to you. Please contact an Espresso Amore catering manager to tailor a program to meet the unique needs of your event. Espresso Amore has relationships with the convention and catering departments at facilities throughout the Las Vegas valley, ensuring a simple booking process.

  • Espresso Amore caters your event with a full service espresso station rental that can serve up to 150 made-to-order beverages per hour. We are equipped to handle multiple locations, allowing you to generate revenue from multiple sponsorships simultaneously.
  • Live-action catered espresso stations provide a wealth of branding opportunities, ranging from signage and merchandise displays, to personal engagement with potential clients.
  • Your clients may choose to focus their marketing dollar by sponsoring a catered rental espresso station in exclusive areas, such as a VIP lounge, Buyers’ lounge, or Press lounge.

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