Why Cater Espresso With Espresso Amore?

Espresso Amore catering Baristas are held to the highest standards in the coffee industry.

With requirements including meeting national certification standards and a passion for refining their espresso preparation skills, you can be assured that your clients will be impressed with the quality of the catered espresso experience provided by Espresso Amore staff.

  • Espresso Amore scouts recruit the most talented Baristas in the nation to ensure your catered espresso station is in capable hands and you have time to concentrate on your guests.
  • The Barista's presentation skills, latte art, charismatic interactions, and professional appearance provide your environment with energy and enthusiasm, engaging your guests before or after meetings.
  • Your global clients will be impressed by the taste and presentation of their espresso beverage as our Baristas are required to meet or exceed the qualifications set by the Barista Guild of America (BGA).
  • Our espresso catering staff baristas are leaders in the global coffee community, developing programs in sustainability, community development, education, and technique. This provides you and your clients with a superior experience while being responsible corporate citizens.

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